TJ MOULD has a team of experienced R&D engineers to support our customers from the beginning of their ideas until the finished products and together striving for the optimal solution.  And our factory is equipped with Sweden Hexagon Three Coordinate Measuring Instrument, Japan Mitutoyo Projector, Japan MAKINO high-speed milling machines, Japan MAKINO EDM machines, high-speed injection molding machines etc.

TJ MOULD annually develops approximate 200 caps for the pharmaceutical, daily-used, cosmetic and food packaging industries and approximate 300 bottles for the chemical, daily-used and food packaging industries. 


Commodity Packaging


Food Packaging


Blow Mould

For Injection Mould:

①Since 2002, we have continuously developed our own hot runner system so that we can produce products with more stable sizes and more beautiful appearance. TJ Hot Runner is cost-effective, and greatly reduces the mould delivery time, it has already received unanimous praise from our domestic and international customers.

②We always pay attention to improve the structure of cooling water channel to shorten the cycle time, to create more value for customers.

③According to the product characteristics and customer requirements, we will choose the good mould material and design the good optimized mould structure.

④Our mould structure is designed based on the injection molding machine and robot design to achieve the good solution, make the entire production line more stable, smooth, high degree of automation and reduce the labor costs.

For Blow Mould:

①We choose good material for cooling and improve cooling structure, always focus on the cooling balance and its pertinence,

②According to the bottle size, shape and performance, we will distinguish different cutting edges, continue to optimize the auto-deflashing system.

③TJ moulds are designed compactly, we insist on humanity, facilitate customers to dismounting and maintain moulds easily.

Steel Selection:

TJ MOULD makes injection cap and blow bottle mould with the mould life minimum 3 million shots.

Injection Mould:

(1) Cores & Cavities: Germany 2083 + Germany 2344 (HRC48~50)

Heat treatment and hardened are done by the same material suppliers, for ensuring its quality.

(2) Mould Plates: Stainless Steel (Rc30)


Blow Mould:

(1) Insert type

Cavity: Aluminum

Cutting-edge: BeCu or Stainless Steel (optional)

(2) All Stainless Steel

(3) All S50C Normal Steel

Compare the BeCu and Stainless Steel differences and advantages:

BeCu is for good cooling, but it’s soft.

Stainless Steel is for long mould life, but cooling is not as good as BeCu.

You could choose what you need according to your requirements.